TD Installations magazine

In issue 4/2012 of TD Installations Magazine, dedicated to the upcoming edition of International Technical Fair – Plovdiv, you may find the article Building automation systems technology Modbus (p. 24). The text examines the protocol versions, network architecture and functionalities. The article Air conditioning systems with water cooling unit (p. 46), section HVAC Equipment, is dedicated to the essence and characteristics, as well as the types of these units. In section Water supply and sewerage the readers can find the article Filters for drinking water (p. 52) which offers short review of the different types, as well as application areas. In the traditional section Projects, implementations you may read about the realization of installations in the building of First Investment Bank in Sofia (p. 18), and Galleria Mall Burgas (p. 20). Other highlights in this issue are Fireproof cables, LED lighting control, Modernization of escalators, PTZ CCTV cameras.


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