TD Installations magazine

In issue 3/2016 of TD Installations magazine you can read more about the reconstruction of the HVAC installation in the newly opened sector A of the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. The article in the "HVAC equipment" rubric presents some of the most interesting systems and solutions implemented in the renovated facility.
In a special interview for the magazine the manager of Bosch Thermotechnology Bulgaria Yordan Dochev talks about the innovative solutions offered by the company, and shares his opinion on the development of the HVAC market in the country.
"BACnet communication standard for building automation and control" is the topic in the filed of automation in the latest issue of the magazine. It presents the main advantages of the standard and the benefits of its implementation in smart buildings.
The feature in the "Security" rubric of the edition is dedicated to video fire alerting systems and the technical challenges which have to be overcome in order to further extend their use.
Other highlights of the issue are: "Arc fault detection devices", "Saving water in public buildings", etc.


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