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Special issue 4/2017

TD Installations magazine

Highlight of TD Installations magazine`s latest issue 4/2017 is the topic "Smoke and heat extraction systems". The article thoroughly examines the functions, applications and components of this type of systems, as well as the current regulations in the field.

Special issue 3/2017

TD Installations magazine

Issue 3/2017 of the magazine for building systems, equipment and tools TD Installations presents the latest developments in access control systems. The article reviews the leading technological trends in the field, namely smart access control systems, mobile credentials, as well as multi-modal biometrics.

Special issue 2/2017

TD Installations magazine

Issue 2/2017 of TD Installations magazine places an emphasis on the topic of lighting by introducing the principle article "High-efficiency LED lighting" in the section of the same name. The readers can also find a special interview with Philip Shkembov, manager of IKIS SL, who outlines the market trends and shares his predictions for its future development.

Special issue 1/2017

TD Installations magazine

Issue 1/2017 of TD Installations magazine highlights the primary trends in video surveillance over the past 2016. One of them is the transition from analog standard definition (SD) equipment to high-definition (HD) CCTV surveillance systems and the related network equipment.

Special issue 6/2016

TD Installations magazine

The "Projects, accomplishments" section of issue 6/2016 of TD Installations magazine presents the building installations and the realization processes of Walltopia`s iconic building Collider Activity Center. The article in the "HVAC equipment" section is dedicated to the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective insulation solution for HVAC systems.

Special issue 5/2016

TD Installations magazine

Issue 5/2016 of the magazine for building systems, equipment and tools TD Installations focuses on the topic of Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is entering the sector of architecture, design and construction to the point where corporations and even countries are choosing to use the platform for large-scale projects. The article features a description of the BIM components, as well as commentary pieces from specialists, concerning BIM`s applicability and capabilities.

Special issue 4/2016

TD Installations magazine

From the current, 4th issue of TD Installations Magazine, you can learn more about the latest news in water, energy and lighting installations. The article in section “HVAC equipment” is focused on the alternative applications of heat pumps for water heating.

Special issue 3/2016

TD Installations magazine

In issue 3/2016 of TD Installations magazine you can read more about the reconstruction of the HVAC installation in the newly opened sector A of the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. The article in the "HVAC equipment" rubric presents some of the most interesting systems and solutions implemented in the renovated facility.


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